VaroomLab Journal Issue four - Visionaries

Including papers on the illustrated map as a mode of communication, tracing the link between visionary J.G. Ballard and the cultural and virtual fabric of 2015, drawing and the digital networks of the contemporary urban landscape, and imagining an alternative future for arts education. A film on the manifestations of vision in contemporary illustration practice is also included.

Keynote Speakers

Paul Slater

Graham Elliot interviewed by Stephanie Black

Peer Reviewed Papers

Matthew Richardson: Myths of the near Future: Ballard, Crusoe and Google

Richard Hudson-Miles: Illustration; Education; Revolution

Andy Davies: Visualising Spaces: The Illustrated Map as a mode of communicating Fact, Fiction and Feeling

Presented Papers

Gareth Proskourine-Barnett: Paradise Lost: Documenting Birmingham’s Central Library

Rachel Gannon and Darryl Clifton: Immaterial Boundary (Film)

Chloe Regan: Illustrator as Detective: Discovery through Drawing

Jo Berry: ‘The in-betweener’

Christian Lloyd: Performing in a do-It-yourself nudie suit

Jo Hassel: Off her hostess-trolley: Telling it a different way

Alice Moloney: A new breed: How should we champion the mavericks and pioneers of the illustration industry?

Aidan Winterburn: Self-Reflexivity and Contemporary Illustrated Children’s Books