Brain Container, UK
ART: Best Light Art Scheme – Low Budget
Location: Blackpool, UK
Lighting Design: Jo Berry Design
Client: Arts Council England Funded Project, Blackpool Council, Arts for Health
Main Lighting Suppliers: Lightworks, Blackpool Illuminations

‘Brain Container’ is a lit, moving art installation housed in a customised cargo container, which acts as a giant interactive light box. The piece is made up of a series of thirty-six cast acrylic discs that
are hung, lit and rotated. The discs, which feature images of the human brain, are made up of a series of laser cut coloured Perspex panels that have been glued together and then cast in clear acrylic.
The casting process causes the Perspex to crack and to melt in quite an unpredictable way but with very interesting effects that enhance the laser cut artwork.

The laser cut layered artwork was inspired by the exploration and re-interpretation of a series of different brain images (neuroscientific research) undertaken by Dr. Palaniyappan, a psychiatrist involved in the care of young persons who experience psychosis for the first time. His research involves the study of the road maps of the brain; these are the pathways that enable efficient communication among the billions of brain cells in the brain.

The artwork has been lit and installed by Blackpool Council’s Illuminations team and forms an exciting part of the Illuminations display supervised by Richard Ryan of Lightworks’ Illuminations.The lighting consisted of a combination of coloured sequenced LEDs lighting tracks (floor lit) with blue strobe lights to light up the fluorescent Perspex used. The light sequence changed from blue to pink to red to peach and incorporated hues of each respective colour to create a dynamic yet subtle lighting sequence. The installation incorporated a sound piece composed by Angela Slater.