Digital expolration from Advanced Imaging experiments

A series of digital montages and films were shown at the COMPARE Symposium, (Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors),  East Midlands Conference Centre, University of Nottingham. A partnership between Nottingham University and Birmingham University.

The initial visualisations were made using scientific imagery from observed experiments at Nottingham University. It was great to be invited to show artwork produced over the last three years with the School of Life Sciences Imaging (SLIM)  facility and the Cell Signalling & Pharmacology department. The idea for this research is to discover how two very different disciplines can learn from each other and to analyse how play + experimentation can offer a new understanding of the value of art and scientific collaboration.
The symposium comprised of scientists talking about their cutting-edge research with scientific posters sessions timetabled throughout the day. 


darc awards/ architectural


Developmental drawings


Cumulus Design for Everything @ HDKI Hong Kong

Jo Berry: Art created from scientific image data from different imaging laboratories to help
and influence how they are visually communicated and distributed @ Cumulus, HDKI,  Hong Kong


LightPool Festival 2016: Artists to bring Blackpool Illuminations to life through new celebration of

Brain Container was sitting right next to the Tower, great location with huge amounts of people seeing it.

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