Moving Image

Jo Berrys Brain Container Vignette 3

Arts Council England Funded project, one of three short films from Brain Container a Sound , Light installation Piece for Blackpool Illuminations 2014 Sited on the North Shore, on the cliffs, opposite the former Miners Home, Bispham.
“Brain Container” is a lit, moving art installation housed in a customised cargo container; a giant interactive light box.
Designed by artist Jo Berry, the piece is made up of a series of thirty-six cast acrylic discs that are hung, lit and rotated.
The discs, which feature images of the human brain, are made up of a series of laser cut coloured Perspex panels that have been glued together and then cast in clear acrylic from this series of design drawings.
The artwork has been lit and installed by Blackpool Council’s Illuminations team and forms an exciting new part of this year’s display.
Richard Ryan, Head of Blackpool Illuminations said: “ It’s been very rewarding working with Jo again on the Brain Box, it represents another change of style for the illuminations, combining a serious message with a gorgeous piece of illuminated art and the crowds around it nightly testify to its interest”