Light Fantastic :Blackpool Illuminations Public Engagement Workshops

Blackpool Illuminations Public Engagement Workshops were hosted at Claremont Park Community Centre and The City Learning Centre, Blackpool.

Its been such fun working at both venues,  I am really impressed by the commitment , attitude and output of artwork that all the particpants achieved. Wow! such openness by all to experiment and try new things,  and just go for it and not worry about what they are doing and the result is that they have produced beautiful design ideas.
Initially, I brought in photographs from the 1930s iIllumination archives and talked about my ‘chocolate’  Fluted Pylon Commission (chocolate for me in the sense that nobody could have given me a better project to do than creating public light works for the Illuminations and doing workshops that were inspired by their fantastic 1930s Archive Collection)> This project has inspired all participants to create designs, paintings that are really good.
At Claremont Park Community Centre I worked with a range of people from grandchildren to retired adults who meet every monday afternoon to do art & craft activities, at The City Learning Centre I worked with local families. Its been great and inspirational. So a big thanks to them all for making it so special and to Clancy Mason, Public Engagement Officer at Blackpool Council and Richard Ryan , the Illuminations manager.