Hijacking Natural Systems

This project explores the interface between art and science; using
the arts to help broaden public understanding of the molecular action of medicines.

I have been undertaking my own scientific research project as a stimulating theme
for new artistic installations. The aim of this project is to help communicate
underlying science to a wide public audience, beyond those who might not normally
attend science exhibitions or Art Galleries,  to view Contemporary Art.

The objectives are:
1.To establish an arts-science partnership between Jo Berry, Dr.Nicholas Holliday
and Tim Self. Since April 2010,  I have been undertaking a practical research project in Dr.Hollidays’ lab. 
I have experienced the scientific process for using fluorescence imaging to investigate
drug-receptor signalling.  The scientific staff have benefited from my visually
perceptive input, unhindered by a traditional science viewpoint.

2. The aim is to generate art that also helps explain pharmacology.  My research images and
movies will be interpreted as new artistic installations which will also help to illustrate key pharmacology

3. I will stage a series of public exhibitions with complementary target audiences.  This body of work will
be exhibited with underlying scientific material and demonstrations (provided by Dr.Holliday and Tim Self).
The first exhibition at the University of Nottingham (2011) will be followed by an ambitious
city - wide exhibition in Derby (2011).  The general public, arts professionals, commissioners
and the press will be able to view the work in different locations and in different ways in Derby and
further afield.(See News)